Apr. 23rd, 2016 02:03 pm
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-I organized my books -- finally. I thought it might make me feel better to have them somewhat organized, so now it's: Greek roughly by date/genre and Latin roughly by date/genre, except that imperial Greek is stuck with high empire Latin at the end. And then, roughly, "Roman cultural history and lit-crit that I like/use regularly", "random other ancient history/literature", "reference" and "other novels/critical theory."

-My friend's pop-choir is giving a concert tonight, and I said I'd go and even bought a ticket but I *realllly* don't want to. Maybe I'll bring my knitting? Except that I don't really have anything that I can do without a chart right now. ARGH.

-The NYT is trying to explain Cassandra Clare. It's...well, I don't have much of an opinion about CC (except that I tried to read City of Whatever and thought it was boring and fairly facile: i.e. exactly like a billion other trendy YA authors. As far as the whole Harry Potter Fandom Plagiarism Scandal, I am actually somewhat sympathetic to no-it's-a-deliberate-web-of-quotations-to-be-appreciated defense.). HOWEVER, the profile makes her sound absolutely insufferable qua human being. Also, the NYT trying to explain fanfiction is hilarious. In addition to the fact that their hyperlinking manages to suggest that is the *only* place where fanfiction exists (this is probably for the best, honestly), they also imply that it was invented by the internet, which is probably why this happens:
Fan fiction is a boisterous community of online writers, many of them women, who reimagine existing stories and characters, often in the fantasy realm, and often with erotic overtones: Spock paired with Uhura, say, or Spock with Captain Kirk are popular imaginings.
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