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Today was an okay day for everything that isn't my actual work. Because I...
--Cleaned my entire apartment (most of which I hadn't cleaned properly in a shockingly long time)
--Had E. over to play more Telemann flute-cello duets.
--Actually practiced cello a bit beforehand, including not only the Telemann but also some Bach (the suite I learned my freshman year), and had some uncomfortable emotional flashbacks to feeling terrible about myself as a musician, but also did some thinking about that.
--Made dinner, with leftovers for several more days (spicy eggplant and chickpea and tomato stew + rice).
--Made blueberry walnut muffins to take as a snack this week.
--I now have less than 1/4 to go of the endless lace shawl picot bind-off! Hopefully by the time I finish it, it will no longer be hot and muggy, and I'll feel like I can work on a pair of heavy Colorwork wool gloves again. I also blocked my elbow-length fingerless mitts this weekend, so, again, now would be a nice time for the weather to get cool so I can wear them.

But I didn't really do any work on The Article. Nor did I email the people I needed to email. I'll do that tomorrow, I promise.

EDIT: I'm glad that I'm not in the US today. Commemoration and public mourning, like political oratory, are things I am better at dealing with when they are in the past than in my present.
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