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It looks like Tamora Pierce has a dreamwidth journal now. The announcement on her tumblr promises, "There is also a forum for Tammy’s fans to discuss topics outside of those covered in Tammy’s posts, though membership is not yet open. We’ll let everyone know when it is!" So... a new Sheroes? It's true that the dominant membership of 'Roes these days is mostly former rather than current fans, but it still feels a little like she's trying to replace us oldsters. (Hrmph.)

I don't actually spend my time internet-stalking favorite authors from my teenage years that I love to hate (actually I do), but for some reason I had the urge to reread Shatterglass this morning. I don't think I had read it since it came out 2003 -- long before I became a Classics major -- and I can now say that a knowledge of Greek and a vague understanding of Indo-European linguistics gives you access to zero linguistic or historico-cultural "easter eggs" in all the tedious "as you know, the ancient history of the city stretches back 1000 years"  or "she said, using the Tharian word that meant "mage"" exposition. Tris, angsty glassmaker-dude, and amiable doofus policeman were actually less annoying than I remembered, but wow are TP's attempts to convey the mentalities of a foreign culture heavy-handed! On the other hand, Tris' "ugh this icky non-Western culture is gross and stupid and superstitious and I can't wait to go home" attitude was somewhat worse than I remembered. (And in a universe where all the characters constantly go on about magic and its connection to the living world and the human life force, why shouldn't death *actually cause* pollution with *actually dangerous* effects? Why does Tamora Pierce keep making up fantasy settings based on real-world historical cultures where religious and social and courtly rituals have a large role and then always make up characters to inhabit those settings who act like Richard Dawkins?)


Aug. 26th, 2005 11:09 am
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So, someone has deleted the Paolini threads. Now I will never know how that particularl tempest in a teapot ended.

And, worse, A Certain Member of Sheroes Whom I Quite Dislike has something in common with me!

People are always asking for Fantasy reccommendations, and, from time to time (say, once every couple of months) I put in a plug for Katherine Kurtz. No one ever acknowledges that I have posted, let alone that they are interested. So, This Person replied to my most recent such post, seconding the recommendation. But I really dislike him. I don't want to have anything in common with him.


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