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The noted American historian, Preserved Smith. Equally interestingly, his father (Henry Preserved Smith) was "tried for heresy by the Presbytery of Cincinnati." In 1882. I didn't know they *did* that.
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From Emily Post's first edition:

Among the few occasions when it is acceptable to put more than one guest per/room:

On an occasion such as a wedding, a ball, or an intercollegiate athletic event, young people don’t mind for one night (that is spent for the greater part “up”) how many are doubled; and house room is limited merely to cot space, sofas, and even the billiard table.

About young girls (nb: this means, according to Ms Post, under 30 if unmarried) being alone with men:
A young girl may not, even with her fiancé, lunch in a road house without a chaperon, or go on a journey that can by any possibility last over night. To go out with him in a small sail-boat sounds harmless enough, but might result in a questionable situation if they are becalmed, or if they are left helpless in a sudden fog.
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a headline from today's NYT business section:Huntsman Is Expected to Settle A Buyout Dispute With Apollo

In other news, I really don't, as might be obvious, want to work on my paper. I read some really cool articles about Tacitus in 17th c. England, and that's what I want to think about right now, not Herodotus and religion and oracles.
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Went to a concert tonight. One of the violinists in the orchestra: Sadarius Slaughter.
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Toast: very detailed instructions for making, advice on toppings for different occasions, suggestions for beverages to accompany.
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Last night I though I was mostly better, but this morning, my throat hurts and my head hurts and I think I have a fever. So instead of practicing, I am ostensibly working on the Bach paper, but I am actually having more fun with Google Books. Specifically, with this 19th century examination booklet.The weird/hilarious thing is that, as it turns out, 1066 And All That wasn't making up the form, at least, of this kind of question.

1. What do you know of the Treaty of Verdun, 843? (Matriculation: History)
12. Write an essay on "Haste breeds delay." (Honors Matriculation: English)
6. Did the Restoration of Charles the Second mean the restoration of the system of Charles the First and " Thorough " ? If not, what did it mean ? (Honors Matriculation: History)
14. When and under what circumstances did Sparta acquire the headship among the Grecian states? How do you account for her failure to keep it? (Honors Matriculation: History)
9. Dr. Johnson says: " Whoever wishes to attain an English style . . . . must give his days and nights to the volumes of Addison." Can you fill up the blank ? Do you agree with Dr. Johnson ? (General Examination: English)
4. Explain the feudal incident of Marriage. In the Kingdom of Jerusalem a remarkable law on this subject prevailed. What was it? Where and what was the Kingdom of Jerusalem ? (Final honors examination: History)
3. Is it true that in Chaucer's day there was much greater variety in social conditions than now, and consequently more colour in life ? (Final honors examination: English literature)
1. Give the substance of either Polonius' advice to his son, or Hamlet's advice to the players. Do you consider the advice valuable ? (Final honors examinatin: English literature part II)
There was also a funny one the substance of which was "do you like Richard II or Bolingbroke more? Explain," but I can't seem to find it.
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And I think my bag is going to be filled with books. Which is not going to be fun to schlep around the airport.

But, I have figured out why I like watching soccer, sometimes:

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This might count as studying, but probably not.

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