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When Lily got upon any subject, she was not easily induced to leave it, and when her mind had twisted itself in one direction, it was difficult to untwist it.
Anthony Trollope, The Small House At Allington, vol. III ch. XVIII.

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alexandria, ambiguous characters, anagrams, ancient historians, anthony trollope, antique etymologies, antiquity, attolia, autumn, bach, baking, baroque dance, baroque opera, beethoven, big germanic symphonies, boarding-school stories, boris pergmenschikow, brahms, byzantium, cathedrals, cello, cello sonatas, chamber music, cicero, ciceronian latin, classical greek, classical historiography, classical music, clerical infighting, conlangs, construing latin, costuming, counterpoint, cyropaedeia, declining empires, declining nouns, deference to superiors, descriptive grammar, dissimulatio, distinction, early music, elite education, embroidery, epicureanism, exempla, fabulae togatae, fall leaves, feudalism in space, figured speech, fine cloth, firelight, french viol suites, gothic novels, greek novels, harry potter books, helvidius priscus, herodotus, historical conspiracy theories, historical costume, historical fantasy, historical fiction, historiography, history plays, honorifics, imperialist angst, inanis iactatio libertatis, ira et studium, jane austen, jonathan edwards, languages, latin, leftist politics, lesbian aeolic, liberal arts, linguistics, literary history, literature, liutprand of cremona, livy, lois mcmaster bujold, lucan, lucretius, lute rosettes, lyric meter, marin marais, measure for measure, megan whalen turner, middle beethoven quartets, mozart, naevius, narratology, needlework, neo-classicism, old english, old-fashioned books, old-fashioned classicists, oratory, perfect consonances, philology, philosophizing, pindar, plantagenets, playing chamber music, playing continuo, plural of reverence, pride and prejudice, prokofiev, prose composition, puritans, renaissance dance, requiems, rhetorical training, romans, sallust, school stories, scottish country dance, self-conscious anachronism, seneca the elder, sewing, shakespeare, shakespeare's histories, sibelius, sir gawain, snarky historiography, space opera, star trek ds9, string quartets, suasoriae et controversiae, subversive historiography, taciteans, tacitus, tartini tones, textual criticism, the classical tradition, the early moderns, the globe theatre, the plinies, the t-v distinction, thrasea paetus, three volume novels, trashy fantasy novels, tully, upstairs downstairs, used bookstores, vergil, victorian books, viola da gamba, wars of the roses, wood fires, ya fantasy
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