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No good reason for dropping off the radar for so long -- just the usual anxiety-filled life of a dissertator. Well, and that a month ago I started a long post about Mozart's Clemenza di Tito, but it ballooned into a monstrosity, started to fall into the uncanny valley between scholarship and fanfic, and ultimately started to mutate into at least two posts. And I've been feeling guilty about posting anything until I finish it/them. I still haven't, but I will! (Maybe.)

In the meantime, here are 3 typos/slips of the tongue that I know I am going to make someday:

1. "Anals" or "analistic" or "analist" for annals, annalistic, annalist. (This one is pretty inevitable, I think; I still worry about it a lot)

2. "Carthak" instead of "Carthage." Thank you, Tamora Pierce! (I would add "Mithros" for "Mithras" because even just typing that I had to stop and think about it, but I'm not likely to have to say or write anything about that for a little while -- until I teach Roman History again, I'd guess.)

3. "Attolia" or "Attolians" for "Aetolia" and "Aetolian." (Of course, many people pronounce "Aetolia" with a schwah on the first syllable anyway. I say EE-tolian, because it's too confusing otherwise.)

[4. *imperio, *imperire for impero, imperare. I've sorted this one out, but I've had Latin students go all Harry Potter with this verb. For some reason, Harry Potter is more mentally subordinated than Tamora Pierce of Megan Whalen Turner: I may be slowly turning into the kind of person who is slightly bothered by "SEV--uh-rus" Snape... (but not really. Because that would be silly.)

5 things

Nov. 12th, 2012 08:01 pm
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1. I'm afraid that I'm annoying and talk to much, and am That Person (who never shuts up).

2. I'm co-reading the chorus with another grad-student for Troades dramatic reading. We have insane ideas for choruses in Greek, choruses chanted with drum or cymbal or tambourine accompaniment, choruses in with some Greek interspersed into the English, choruses in dialogue, ALL THE CHORUSES, basically. When are we going to have time for this, you ask? UNCLEAR.

3. Still need to come up with a second angle for translating the parodos of the Agamemnon by Friday (I'm working on one in anapests (monometers, because dimeters are way to long in English) that goes for brevity and no "stupid words." Should probably try a version that is actually comprehensible?

4. What if I do talk to much? I'm kind of afraid that Professor W. thinks I talk too much.

5. Thanksgiving is next week? How can Thanksgiving be next week? WHEN WILL I DO ALL THE WORK?
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ETA: oh great: not only did I misname the shepherds of Virgil and write about the wrong Calpurnius (I mean, I gave him the wrong cognomen), but I cited the Agricola for something that was actually in the Histories. These last two are things that I know really really well.
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1. Politics are awkward. Also, I guess I'm still not used to being one of the most left-wing people around again. Nevertheless, I was restrained enough not to say something like "um... this is the Republican party we're talking about" when J. was wondering why they couldn't put up a good candidate and not a nutjob. But I am so sick of the "everyone is just so confrontational. What we need are real moderates and people willing to compromise!" shtick! (wait...haven't we had that for three years?)

If you think that the Tea Party is too far to the right and Obama is too far to the left --- congratulations, you're not a "moderate" or a "centrist." Or rather, you can be! Did you know that I'm also a moderate? I'm somewhat to the right of Karl Marx, and somewhat to the left of Obama. QED: moderate!

But I facetiate. I can see that there is some personal satisfaction to be gained from declaring oneself to be a "natural moderate" and always for the "center" in whatever the current spectrum of noised-about opinion is: you don't have to worry very much about the particular issues involved; you get to maintain a virtuous structural position and not a sordid and concretely political one; you get to uphold an abstract ideal that also has the advantage of being 'hardheaded' and 'realistic' and not naively concerned with some transitory issue. And who am I to tell people not to think whatever makes them feel good about themselves?

2. The above is kind of affecting how I feel I can work on Tacitus. And vice-versa.

3. It's really sad how much my mood depends on whether I think my work is tolerable in the eyes of my professors.
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So this is theoretically spring break, but I have a conference paper to send to the organizers in less than a week, and I'm just figuring out what the questions I should be asking are. Still can't figure out answers, though, but I seem to have two papers that are only tenuously connected, if at all.



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